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Tech Transfer Process

We encourage you to contact TCS during your early research activities to be aware of the options that will best leverage the commercial potential of your research. The staff is trained to assist you with questions related to marketability, funding sources, commercial partners, patenting and other protection methods, new business startup considerations, university policies and procedures and much more. Our team approach provides you with access to specialized support such as a new business development specialist.
Typical steps include (but are not limited to) research, disclosure, assessment, protection, licensing, commercialization and reinvestment. Click here for a detailed discussion and flowchart on the Tech Transfer process.
  • Contact TCS when you believe you have a scientific or technical observation with potential commercial or research value.
  • Complete and submit the UConn Invention Disclosure Form to Technology Commercialization Services group in sufficient time to file a patent application before publicly disclosing your technology or publishing a manuscript – preferably before submitting the manuscript for publication.
  • To avoid risking your patent rights and possibly hindering the opportunity to market your invention, contact TCS before holding any discussions with people outside the UConn community. If a patent application has not yet been filed, TCS will give you a Non-Disclosure Agreement for the parties to sign before you describe your invention to them.
  • On the UConn Invention Disclosure Form, include companies and contacts you believe might be interested in your intellectual property (IP) or who may have already contacted you about your invention. Studies have shown that over 70% of all licenses are executed with commercial entities known by the inventor, so your contacts can be extremely useful.
  • Respond to TCS and outside patent counsel requests. While some aspects of the patent and licensing process will require significant participation on your part, we will strive to make efficient use of your valuable time.
  • Keep TCS informed of upcoming publications or interactions with companies related to your intellectual property.