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Revenue Distribution

The Technology Commercialization Services (TCS) group is responsible for managing the expenses and revenues associated with technology agreements. Per UConn policy, revenues from license fees, royalties and equity – minus any unreimbursed patenting expenses – are shared with the inventors. For purposes of revenue distribution, “inventors” are defined as named inventors on patents or authors of copyrighted materials. Refer to the Royalty Sharing Policy.
The “inventors’ share” of royalties is divided equally among all inventors unless all inventors agree in writing to another distribution formula of their collective choice.
The equity that UConn receives under a license agreement is distributed to inventors in accordance with the same policy that governs the distribution of cash royalties. The prescribed shares may be issued by the company to these inventors in the inventors’ names.
License revenues paid to inventors are generally taxable and are reported as Form 1099 income. Consult a tax advisor for specific advice.