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Conflict of Interest

Conflict of Interest means a situation in which significant financial interests in a business (or other personal considerations provided by a business) may compromise, or have the appearance of compromising, an investigator’s professional judgment in conducting or reporting research, the results of which could directly or indirectly affect the aforementioned business. A financial Conflict of Interest does not necessarily arise in connection with the following activities, and this Policy does not automatically prohibit activities listed below.  However, it is advisable to seek additional information on the potential for conflict when considering formation of a startup company based on your research.

  • Equity participation in a corporation
  • Service as an officer in a corporation
  • Service on a governing board
  • Service on a scientific advisory board
  • Receipt of funding from an external entity in which an employee has an interest
  • Acceptance of publication royalties, royalties under the terms of the University Royalty
  • Distribution Policy or honoraria for papers and lectures
  • Service to outside educational, professional, scientific, artistic, cultural, civic, business or other organizations, which service enhances the value of the employee to the university and does not adversely affect the employee’s primary commitment to the university.
An apparent Conflict of Interest arises when an employee is involved in a particular matter, and the circumstances are such that a reasonable person with knowledge of the relevant facts would question the impartiality of the employee in the matter.