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Storrs, CT

storrs_lab_1Advanced Technology Laboratory
1392 Storrs Road
Unit 4213

The campus at Storrs is the central location of the University of Connecticut and houses all the UConn Colleges and Schools except the School of Medicine, School of Dental Medicine, School of Law and the School of Social Work.

The University has completed a 10-year, one billion dollar program to renew and rebuild the University’s infrastructure and the benefits can be seen all around the campus. This initiative will be continued with the start of 21st Century UConn, a further $1.3 billion dollar investment in the University on the part of the state.

Learn more about the UConn Technology Incubation Program (TIP), click here.

Advanced Techology Lab

Approximately 3,250 square feet of brand new, purpose-built space has been committed to the Technology Incubation Program in the new Advanced Technology Laboratory (ATL) building, which is part of the Bio Science Complex that was built in 2002. The ATL building houses the program administration and client companies with access to a shared walk-in refrigerator, large equipment area and greenhouse facilities plus access to 2 meeting rooms and a break room. The ATL building houses 5 laboratory units (approximately 550 square feet each) with adjoining offices (approximately 100 square feet each) that are fully equipped and furnished. Clerical services can be negotiated if required.


Size: approximately 500 square feet for the lab and 100 square feet for the adjoining office.

Equipment: chemical fume hood, two sinks with emergency eye wash and a shared cold room.

Utilities: hot, cold and DI water, gas, vacuum and compressed air. Multiple power outlets including 110 and 220V (accommodating single-phase or three-phase equipment up to 208 max). Phone and IT jacks provided as well as redundant power.

Room features: benches, shelves, cabinets and windows in the lab space. Desk, bookshelves and windows in the office. There is a large equipment area in the lab and an additional shared room for large equipment.

Rate: $25 per square foot annually, with a $2 increase per square foot per year. Heat and electrical included.

Other amenities:

  • Environmental health and safety services including waste removal
  • Online and physical access to the UConn libraries
  • Access to other equipment in faculty labs can be arranged
  • Use of Bioservices and other service centers available for reasonable fees
  • Use of conference rooms, fax and copier
  • Teleconferencing capacity
  • Animal facilities based on space available and faculty collaboration
  • Secured building; Swipe card after-hours access
  • Two loading docks
  • Janitor service


Depot Campus

The Technology Incubation Program has a suite of offices and co-working space on the Depot Campus, approximately 2 miles from the main campus at Storrs.  Learn more about the UConn Technology Incubation Program (TIP), click here.