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Incubator Application

To be considered for admission to the program, companies must be advancing a technology-based product or service and should demonstrate a specific effort and ability to form a mutually beneficial relationship with the university. Preference is given to applicant companies that have a current or historical technology linkage to the university, such as a new business formed from a university-developed technology or an existing R&D collaboration with faculty. Candidates demonstrating other affiliations offering the potential for a mutually-beneficial relationship with the university may also be considered.

TIP Application 2017-2018

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Applicants should demonstrate the following:

  • Willingness to provide application materials and a presentation sufficient for review by the Committee and management. The application should include a venture concept or business plan that indicates potential for commercialization and growth, adequate technical information to assess the eventual product and the bio/resume of the principal and key staff, as well as a designated person who will address financial and business planning issues on behalf of the company.
  • Strong potential for capitalization within a three year period.
  • Willingness to work collaboratively and provide regular updates to management  based on previously-agreed  milestones
  • Willingness to hear suggestions and guidance from staff and advisers.
  • A likelihood of commercial sales within a three to five year period, or some other agreed-upon measure of success within the targeted industry.
  • Commitment to comply with federal, state and university rules and regulations.
  • Intentions to utilize program support services and actively use the space.
  • Means for a synergistic relationship with the university.
  • Commitment to developing a full business plan within two years of occupancy.
  • A desire to remain in Connecticut long-term and a commitment to identify Connecticut business locations as a priority upon leaving the program.
  • Willingness to provide feedback on the benefits and limitations of the program.


Key issues considered when making a recommendation for admission to the program:

  • Business concept – does the business have a chance of succeeding? Is the product new or unique? Does it do something better, faster, cheaper than past products or practices?
  • Business model – can we tell when and from whom the business gets paid and the likelihood of market penetration?
  • University Relationship – will acceptance of the company into the program facilitate research collaboration or provide some like benefit consistent with university goals? E.g., will it help develop and market UConn intellectual property? Will it provide training, employment and experience for students? Is there a meaningful reason for the company to be at UConn beyond use of its labs, offices or equipment?
  • Program resources – does the company need the services of the program or linkages to the university to be successful?