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Collaborating With UConn

UConn is extremely interested in collaborating with you to support your R&D goals, and can offer unique benefits to its industry partners, such as:

Research Expertise.  When your company sponsors research at UConn, you will work with a principal investigator who is an internationally recognized expert in his/her field, and who is supported by graduate students and post-docs who intend to enter the field.  In addition, UConn has invested hundreds of millions of dollars to make sure its investigators have access to the latest equipment and instrumentation. The State of Connecticut has also demonstrated its commitment to industry through Next Gen Connecticut, Bioscience Connecticut, and the Tech Park initiative.

Intellectual Property Rights.  We understand that you need the right to utilize intellectual property developed in UConn’s labs.  We want to make sure we meet your needs, and have the flexibility to structure contracts appropriately.  From UConn’s perspective, because we provide unique capabilities for these projects, we want to make sure that we share in your commercial success in an appropriate way. For most of our industry partnerships, we grant an option to license any intellectual property that results from the research.  For others, a commercial license is granted to the industry partner in exchange for future milestone payments or royalties.  In some cases, a partner may pay up-front to secure a license.  In every case, we are able to find a solution that works for both parties.

Confidentiality and Publication.  UConn is training the next generation of experts, and as part of this educational experience, graduate students write dissertations and our faculty members present and publish papers.   We also understand that our industry partners may need to share confidential information with UConn.  Therefore, we allow industry sponsors to review proposed publications to make sure that confidential information is not inadvertently disclosed, and also to identify intellectual property that may require protection prior to publication. This pre-publication review process has worked very well for many years at UConn and other industry-friendly research universities.  UConn also has the capability to conduct restricted industry research.

Flexible Business Arrangements.  We have flexibility in how we structure business deals (fixed price, reimbursement, milestones). We are, of course, a non-profit research institution and we need to recover the costs of our research.  When we establish a budget for your project, you can be assured that we are not making a profit.

The key to UConn’s successful partnerships with industry is our flexibility, pragmatic mindset, and ability to always find a path forward that works for you. Successful commercialization of products under development is just as important to UConn as it is to you.  We look forward to forming a relationship that meets your needs.

Contact Information:

Technology Incubation Program, please contact Paul Parker, TIP Director, at

Venture Development, please contact Mostafa Analoui, Executive Director, Venture Development, at

Licensing a UConn invention or technology transfer, please contact Greg Gallo, Director of Technology Transfer, at