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Royalty Sharing Policy

The University of Connecticut policy provides that our faculty inventors share in revenue generated by their discoveries as follows:

  • 33 1/3% to the Inventor(s) as personal income (Multiple Inventors share the income).
  • 33 1/3%to be further subdivided as follows: (a) 50% to the Inventor(s)’ research program to be administered through an account set up by the Office of the Vice President (OVPR). (This allocation is only available to Inventor(s) having an active research program at the university); 30% to the Inventor(s)’ primary academic unit (department) or other administrative unit to be administered by the Director or Department Head; and (c) 20% to the Inventor(s)’ school or college to be administered by the Dean.
  • 33 1/3% to the University of Connecticut.

If a faculty member is no longer at UConn, the portion of the revenue that would have gone to the inventor’s research program (50% of the 33 1/3%) will be shared equally between the appropriate dean and the university.