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Using University Resources

Last Updated November 19, 2013

Incubation Program Companies are encouraged to use University resources—core research facilities and equipment—and to work with University investigators to accomplish research and business goals.  Exhibit A attached to this procedure lists some of the commonly-used University resources (“Resources”). If the Incubation Program Company elects to use a University Resource, it must enter into a standard agreement that covers the fees and terms of use.

Incubation Program Companies should pay for the use of University Resources via the KFS/FOPAL payment system unless the manager of a particular facility requires another method.

The Core Research Facility Manager will indicate pricing. It is at the discretion of the Facility Manager as to whether an Incubation Program company will be charged internal or external pricing. One exception is Animal Care, where the University rate cannot be extended to Incubation Program Companies because these internal rates are heavily subsidized by the university to facilitate its own research.  These rates and the applicable terms and conditions, especially for the use of special facilities and equipment, are not subject to negotiation.

If your company is interested in using a University Resource, please contact Natalie D’Oyen, Associate Director ( or another Incubation Program staff member.  The Incubation Program Company must allow the Incubation Program staff to make the introduction to the Facility’s staff. This results in a more beneficial relationship between the company and the staff of the research facility and contributes to the smooth running of the Incubation Program within the wider University environment.  Incubation Program Companies should not try to negotiate directly with the Facility Manager or otherwise work around the University’s established pricing policies.

Exhibit A

University Core Research Facilities

Core Facilities

The University of Connecticut has core research facilities at Farmington and Storrs which operate on a cost-recovery model. As a part of the cost-recovery model these facilities charge one rate to internal users and a higher rate to others. Internal users have traditionally included faculty members at that campus, and faculty members associated with that facility. To enhance the research interactions between Farmington and Storrs, and given that the faculty on both campuses are members of the University of Connecticut, all faculty will pay the internal rates for the above mentioned services. Faculty will abide by the respective campuses policies and procedures regarding the access and usage of these research facilities.