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Research Compliance

Last Updated:  April 14, 2014

 The University of Connecticut is pleased to host startups and existing industry on its campuses through the Incubation Program.  University leases require that all such companies comply with university policy, state and federal law. This includes policies and laws relating to research compliance.

 The Office of the Vice President for Research includes  the Research Compliance Services Unit that supports the cognizant research compliance committees for each regulated aspect of faculty research: human subjects; animal subjects; recombinant DNA (rDNA); stem cells and potentially hazardous biological materials or toxins; financial conflicts of interest in research; faculty consulting activities and alleged research misconduct.

Research Compliance Services provides guidance and also works with individual faculty members and graduate students to ensure compliance with state and federal regulations governing research. The professional staff of this unit also offer on-line and in-person training for faculty and graduate students and are available to provide guidance in protocol preparation to meet university policy, state and federal law.  Limited support may be supplied to Incubation Program firms in order to facilitate compliance and approvals by cognizant research compliance committees.

It is our expectation that Incubation Program firms meet the same standards as University faculty, staff and students.

Please answer the following questions and, if the answer to any one question is “Yes”, please provide no more than a one page summary of your research and the potential compliance issues, along with the name and contact information of the person managing this issue for the company.

  1. Does your work involve research with human subjects?
  2. Does your work involve research with live animals?
  3. Does your work involve research with recombinant/synthetic DNA, biological agents or toxins?
  4. Does your work involve research with human adult or embryonic stem cells?

In order to acquire the necessary approvals, the first step is to supply this information to Incubator Staff and allow the staff to make introductions to the research compliance staff as is appropriate to your situation.  We ask that you do not contact Research Compliance Services directly, but allow the Incubator staff to usher you through that process.

At this time there is no charge for such services, but the University reserves the right to charge an appropriate fee should a considerable commitment of time be required.

Information and approvals are necessary prior to commencing work in your lab and must remain up to date. Contact Natalie D’Oyen at natalie.d’ to begin this process.