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Commercialization Support

Evaluating Technology

There is a logical order to ideas as they take shape, coalesce into inventions and move forward to commercialization. The OVPR’s Technology Commercialization Services (TCS) guides this process. TCS is often the first stop for inventors and industries seeking to advance new ideas and products. TCS manages all intellectual property created at the university. Each year the group receives and evaluates about 70 new invention disclosures, files approximately 30 new U.S. patent applications and signs nearly 15 new commercial agreements. The chart to the right outlines the commercialization process starting with university research and completing a course of action where commercial success can result in reinvestment to further research and innovation.

When faculty makes a discovery, Technology Commercialization Services (TCS) can help. TCS will assess an invention for its commercial potential by evaluating its technical strength, market potential, patentability and strength as if issued as a patent. We will also take into consideration whether a prototype exists or proof of principle experiments are complete, as well as, whether a potential commercial partner has already been identified or expressed interest. If an invention is considered to be a reasonable risk, a patent application will be filed.

Once the evaluation is completed, TCS will work with potential partners to license the technology. TCS will negotiate the terms of the license with input and feedback from the inventor regarding valuation, and other obligations, that occur in such legally binding agreements. TCS is experienced in negotiating contracts and is the designated legal authority from the University to do so.

Interest in a UConn technology by a commercial partner may require that a Confidential Disclosure Agreement be negotiated between the University and the Company prior to exchanging detailed information about an invention. TCS can negotiate and sign these agreements.

If you have any questions or would like to learn about our portfolio of inventions, please email Donna Cyr, Licensing Director, Physical Sciences or Vaibhav Saini, Licensing Director, Life Sciences or call us at 860-679-3992.