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Proposal Submission Due Dates

The following proposal submission due dates allow SPS sufficient time to review the proposal thoroughly, identify necessary corrections and make appropriate recommendations.  The review timeframe allows PIs ample time to finalize the proposal prior to submission to sponsors.

Items Required for Submission to SPS SPS Due Date (# of business days prior to sponsor due date)
Proposal Review Materials for all proposals, including electronic (see Proposal Preparation Checklist for specific requirements) 5 Full Business Days
Final Applications for Electronic Submission (ready to submit) 2 Full Business Days

Five (5) Business Days Prior to the Sponsor Due Date

Forward Proposal Review Materials to SPS for review.

  • The PI/Dept. should forward the proposal review materials to SPS five (5) business days prior to the due date. The proposal materials can be hand delivered, emailed (, or faxed (860-486-3726).

Two (2) Business Days Prior to the Sponsor Due Date

Release Final Electronic Application to SPS for Submission to the Sponsor.

  • The PI /Dept. should release the final application to SPS two (2) business days prior to the due date for electronic submission to the sponsor. This allows time for final review and for submittal several hours in advance to minimize possible technology problems and maximize time for corrections in response to system errors indicated by (or other electronic systems).

Late Submission for SPS Due Dates

If proposal materials are not received in SPS by the internal due dates, the proposal is considered late. The proposal is added to the queue and is processed in the order it was received. The PI assumes the risk that there may be insufficient time for adequate proposal review, that he/she may need to correct errors in the electronic submission, and that the sponsor deadline may be missed.

 Proposal Submission on Days that the University has an Unscheduled Closing Due to Inclement Weather

When the University is closed due to inclement weather in accordance with the University’s Emergency Closing Policy, the Pre-Award Team is available to submit proposals due that day. It is at the discretion of the PI whether or not to submit or seek an extension from the sponsor as the University is closed.   Please copy on the extension request, if applicable.  Generally, the decision to accept a late submission is made by the sponsor on a case by case basis.  Please refer to the sponsor’s specific policies on late submissions due to inclement weather.