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Proposal Contents

Most sponsors publish guidelines on how to prepare a proposal.  Their application package may include standard forms that will require a signature from an authorized official. Sponsor instructions should be followed carefully for content, page limitations and font size.

The Principal Investigator(s) is responsible for ensuring the proposal is complete, accurate and adheres to the sponsor’s guidelines and policies.

The following information encompasses the basic components of a proposal that can be used as a guide when sponsor requirements are not available or specific. At a minimum you will need to provide our office with the following:

  • The sponsor’s URL or a copy of the sponsor’s guidelines, in order to review your proposal and prepare it for submission.
  • An Internal Proposal Review Form (routing form). This form needs to be signed by the Principal Investigator, Department Chair, Unit Head, and in some cases Dean.
  • Proposal Cover Page. The University’s Authorized Representative signs proposals for the university. A standard proposal cover page can be found on our forms page. Information for completing a cover page that has been provided by the sponsor can be found at “Frequently Requested Information” on our web site. At a minimum, the cover page should include the following information:
    • Title of the project
    • Duration of the project with start and end dates
    • Sponsor Name
    • Amount requested (List the Direct an Indirect (F&A) costs)
    • Signature of the Authorized Official to sign for the University.
  • A project summary/abstract and a project description describing the objectives and methodology and significance of the proposed project. These sections may be provided to our office in draft form.
  • A budget and budget justification that reflects a reasonable estimate of expenses for each budget category is required. Include cost sharing/matching only if it is specifically required by the funding agency. This information is located on the Budgeting and Costing Guide.
  • Sub-Contracts: If there is a sub-contract involved, a scope of work, a budget, a budget justification, F&A Rate Agreement and an Information and Compliance Form for Subrecipients, signed by an authorized official of that organization is required.  This information can be e-mailed to or faxed to our office at (860) 486-3726.  Please refer to the Subaward Determination Fact Sheet for assistance with determining the subrecipient versus contractor relationship during the budget preparation stage.
  • Special Service Facilities: Special Service Facilities provide services, not personnel. If Special Services Facilities are to be used, you will need to obtain a signed cost certification form from that center. The center director should also sign the Internal Proposal Review (IPR) form.
  • Compliance Review: Federal regulations and University policies require that various University committees approve certain proposed activities.  Compliance review and approvals for Animal and Human Subjects, Radioactive Substances, Bio-hazardous Substances, Controlled Substances, and Recombinant DNA may be necessary before your proposal can be signed.  You will need to designate these areas on the Internal Proposal Review Form.  Please refer to the Compliance section of this website  for the personnel in the specific compliance office that can assist with any approvals necessary for your proposal.
  • Optional items: The proposal contents listed below are fairly standard items required by many sponsors and may be included as part of your proposal:
    • A table of contents
    • Bibliography of pertinent literature
    • Vitae of all senior personnel
    • Recent publications
    • List of collaborators
    • Current and pending support (generally, sponsors request information on current (active/awarded) and pending support to evaluate potential scientific and/or commitment overlaps; this list should be complete including all support whether or not that support is funded through the University)
    • Description of available facilities and equipment