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Submitting Invoices for Payment

The Principal Investigator must approve invoices for payment. This task may not be delegated.

The PI must be set up in the Administrative Task Authorization Tool in order to approve subrecipient invoices. Accounts Payable personnel will not issue a payment for invoices which are not signed by the PI (delegation is not permitted). As long as the invoice includes all the information as described above, the approved invoice should be stamped with a Blanket Order (Goods and Services) Stamp and sent directly to Accounts Payable for processing. Completion of a CO-17 is not required.

Resolving Invoice Issues

  • If PI identifies a concern with subrecipient performance, the PI will request clarification from the subrecipient PI.
  • If department grant administrators identify any unusual, apparently excessive, or potentially unallowable charges invoiced by a subrecipient and if the explanations from the subrecipient are insufficient to render a prudent judgment on the allowability of the cost, the department grant administrator shall refer the matter to SPS for resolution with the subrecipient’s institutional authorities.
  • When SPS is satisfied that the issues are resolved, they will notify the department and PI to proceed with approval for payment. Invoices will not be approved for payment until all issues or concerns have been resolved.