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Scholarship Facilitation Fund Fall 2017

Scholarship Facilitation Fund Awards Fall 2017

The Office of the Vice President for Research (OVPR) is pleased to announce the recipients of the Fall 2017 Scholarship Facilitation Fund (SFF) Awards. Funding support totaling $57,245.16 will be granted to 33 exciting faculty projects.

The SFF program offers crucial support to faculty research, scholarly activities, creative works, and interdisciplinary initiatives. These competitive awards provide up to $2,000 to assist faculty in the initiation, completion, or advancement of these projects.

Additional information about the program, including the guidelines and application form, are available on the OVPR website. The deadline for the Spring 2018 awards is December 1, 2017. Note that this is a change from previous competitions to allow adequate time for application processing before awards are effective on January 1.

The Fall 2017 SFF awardees are:

Nathan Alder, Molecular and Cell Biology, Submission of Four-Year Study Accepted in High-Visibility Open Access Journal

Robert Astur, Psychological Sciences, Reducing Problematic Gambling in Undergraduates

Anna Bourgault, School of Nursing, Integration of Innovations and Health Solutions: Does it Matter?

Xiaomei Cong, School of Nursing, The Association of Genetic Polymorphisms (SNPs) and Symptoms in Young Adults with Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Dennis D’Amico, Animal Science, Characterizing the Microbial Ecosystems of Traditional Farmstead Cheese Production and Their Roles in Microbial Transfer and Population Succession

Amanda Denes, Communication, Expanding Research on Post Sex Communication to Understudied Populations: Investigating Pillow Talk in Same-Sex Relationships and Heterosexual Married Couples

Rebecca Eckert, Curriculum and Instruction, Co-Teaching and Mathematical Discourse: Exploring Innovative Intersections to Support Students and Teachers in Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Classrooms

Michael Ego, Human Development and Family Studies, A Pilot Study: Measurement of Effectiveness of Baseball Reminiscence Program for Persons with Dementia in Cos Cob, CT

Christopher Elphick, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, How Will Social Factors Influence the Effectiveness of Common Conservation Strategies for Facilitating Ecosystems Migration?

Megan Feely, School of Social Work, Understanding the Relationship between the Activities of Court Appointed Special Advocates and the Well-Being of Children in Foster Care: A Preliminary Analysis

Michael Fendrich, School of Social Work, Analysis of a Faculty Survey Assessing the Impact of Trump’s Executive Orders

Robert Fisher, School of Social Work, Developing a Community and University Partnership for Sustainable Community Organizing in Connecticut

Jon Gajewski, Linguistics, Bantu Language Informant for Field Methods Seminar

Norman Garrick, Civil and Environmental Engineering, The Car-less City in the Age of the Driverless Car

Jane Gordon and Cyrus Zirakzadeh, Political Science, A Political Companion to Richard Wright

Robin Greeley, Art & Art History, Modern and Contemporary Latin American and Latino Art

Mark Healey, History, The Shelter of Expertise: Planning, Politics, and Praxis at Colombia’s International Housing Lab, 1951-1966

Virginia Hettinger, Political Science, The Personal is Political: Gender and Political Ambition in College Students

Jonathon Klassen, Molecular and Cell Biology, Preliminary Characterization of the Firefly Microbiome and Its Role in the Transformation of Host Anti-predation Compounds

Ruth Lucas, School of Nursing, Testing the Prototypes of the Breastfeeding Diagnostic Device to Measure Sucking Microstructure during Breast and Bottle Feeding

Yangchao Luo, Nutritional Sciences, Development of an Organic Solvent-free Preparation of Solid Lipid Nanoparticles

Annette T. Maruca, School of Nursing, A Feasibility Study to Evaluate a Brief Intervention for Post-incarcerated Persons with Mental Illness in Community Halfway Houses

Steven Mellor, Psychological Sciences, Multiple Jobholders and Psychological Stress: An Empirical Test of a Moderated Mediation Model

Karen Menuz, Physiology & Neurobiology, RNASeq Identification of Cyp Enzymes Mediating Odor Degradation

John O’Donnell, Art & Art History, Neo-American Post-Teen Day-Dream

Mark Overmyer-Velázquez, El Instituto, Workshop and Robert G. Mead Jr. Annual Lecture

Victoria Robinson, Molecular and Cell Biology, North Eastern Structure Symposium (NESS). Through The Looking Glass: Inspecting Biological Processes by CryoEM

Lyle Scruggs, Political Science, Partisan Identity, (Mis)perceived Polarization, and Support for Climate Change Science and Policy

Jeff Seemann, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Development of a Dynamic, Innovative, and Effective Faculty Research, Teaching, and Outreach Website

Luyi Sun, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, Publication in Science Advances, a Premium Open Access Journal for Maximum Impact

Andrea Voyer, Department of Sociology, Building the Emily Post Digital Corpus

Stephen Walsh, School of Nursing, Associations between IL-10 Gene Polymorphisms and Use of Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs

Yuping Zhang, Statistics, Joint Principal Trend Analysis for Longitudinal High-Dimensional Data

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