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Data Management Plans

A Data Management Plan (DMP) describes what data will be produced and how each type of data will be standardized, organized, tagged, archived, shared, distributed, secured, preserved, etc., and who will take responsibility for these actions. Many funding agencies require data management plans to ensure future access to grant supported research data. Furthermore, a DMP ensures that your data will be accessible and usable in the future; creates and maintains a permanent archive of the data that supports your research findings; and provides enhanced access to your publications.

DMPs describe types of data, samples, and physical collections;  the standards used and metadata that describe your data; the policies for sharing, accessing, and re-using the data; and the method used for data archival and preservation.

There are a number of ways you can create a DMP:

  1. use DMP guides provided by the sponsor. Links to discipline specific guides by the NSF can be accessed from the left panel or by clicking here;
  2. use the DMPTool; or
  3. email the Library Research Data Service staff to help you create one.

For additional information on research data management, email us at