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Libraries Data Services

The University of Connecticut Libraries supports a suite of services that help shape the future of research at the University of Connecticut.  Federal agencies now require integrated data management plans and public access to both the supporting data and the scholarly output of grant activities as a condition of funding. The University of Connecticut Libraries’ Research Data Services Program offers data management education, training, and plan development support, and provides data preservation and access services to UConn researchers at all levels.


The Research Data Services program includes:

  • Data management plan assistance for inclusion in grant applications when appropriate,
  • Education and training on data management planning and implementation for individuals, small groups, and as workshops (see;
  • Consultation services to discover funding sources, assist with data management plan review, and identify appropriate repository options;
  • Data Curation services that ensure long-term preservation and access to research data in the UConn Data Repository which meets national preservation and data security standards and requirements for managing and presenting research data. Data deposited in the repository is secure, academically citable, and available according to conditions set by data owners.