By the Numbers

UConn’s research enterprise fuels innovation, workforce development, and economic growth for Connecticut. Below is a snapshot of data related to research expenditures and technology commercialization at the state’s flagship public university.

$260 Million

annual research

$485 Million

annual economic impact of UConn's research enterprise on CT's economy


new proposals submitted
in FY21

Research Facts & Figures

Expenditures by Campus, Five-Year Trend

[visualizer id="1216"]

Awards by Funding Source, FY21

[visualizer id="571"]

Federal Awards by Agency, FY21

[visualizer id="556"]

New Awards by School, Three-Year Trend

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Technology Commercialization Facts & Figures

$9.9 Million

licensing revenue
since 2012

37 Startups

formed since 2012

$12 Million+

annual corporate sponsored
new awards

Technology Transfer Metrics Since 2013

This chart shows metrics related to the commercialization of technologies through patenting and licensing. Based on data supplied for the annual AUTM survey.

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