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Korey Stringer Institute

Located within UConn's Department of Kinesiology, the Korey Stringer Institute (KSI) works to further research, education, and advocacy for the prevention of sudden death in sport and physical activity. KSI is named in honor of Minnesota Vikings All-Pro lineman Korey Stringer, whose death in 2001 from complications due to heat stroke during a preseason training camp brought national attention to the dangers of heat stroke among athletes.

Korey Stringer Fund

School of Dental Medicine Student Research Fellowship Program

The summer Student Research Fellowship Program is designed to provide a research enrichment experience and exposure to basic, clinical, and behavioral research to early career dental students. Accepted students work full-time during the summer months to conduct their research projects under the guidance of experienced faculty and staff.

School of Dental Medicine Student Research Fellowship

Jeffrey D. Fisher Health Behavior Change Research Fellowship

Support the next generation of health behavior researchers with a gift to the Jeffrey D. Fisher Fellowship fund. Your support helps celebrate the career of an illustrious UConn researcher and founder of InCHIP, and advance the work of promising graduate students affiliated with the Institute.

Recipients of this award must be a current graduate student whose research topic is within the mission of InCHIP.

Fisher Foundation Fund

School of Nursing Healthcare Innovations Fund

The Healthcare Innovation Fund is a unique program to educate a new generation of nurses to apply creativity and entrepreneurial thinking to healthcare challenges. Through the senior-level Nursing Leadership course, students are collaborating in small groups in which they identify an unmet healthcare need, research a solution or improvement, identify customers, and potential obstacles. The project culminates with students pitches in a 'Shark Tank' forum, judged on the basis of creativity, marketability, and enhanced patient outcomes. During the past two years, 200 students created 30 innovative processes and products.

School of Nursing Healthcare Innovations Fund