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NIH Guidelines Training for PIs

To complete the NIH Guidelines Training for PIs, please contact The training will then be added to your courses in Husky CT (

To complete the training, please look under Non-class Sites on the Your Courses page and click on the “NIH Guideline Training for Principal Investigators” link. In the left navigation box, please select the drop down for “NIH Guideline Training for Principal Investigators”, and click on “Course Materials”. Please review the PDF, and complete the quiz. The quiz must be completed with a 100%, in order to receive credit for completing the training. The quiz can be taken as many times as necessary, and it can be done in multiple sittings if need be.


Additional EHS trainings that may be required prior to IBC approval are as follows:

Title of Training Reason for Requirement Links to Register for Training
Biosafety General Training For those working with biological materials, it is imperative that they understand general biosafety practices to ensure the safety of personnel and the environment Available in-person or online
Bloodborne Pathogens Training This is required annually for those working with human and/or non-human primate materials due to the OSHA Bloodborne Pathogens Standard Initial in-person

Annual online re-training

Laboratory Safety & Chemical Waste Management Training This is required annually for all personnel working in a lab due to the potential for hazardous chemicals being present Initial in-person

Annual online re-training

For a complete list of Environmental Health & Safety (EHS) trainings, or to check training records, please visit