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SPARK Review Criteria

SPARK LOIs and Proposals will be scored based on the following criteria:

Market Need Addressed

  • Is there a clear market need identified in the proposal?
  • Is the innovation proposed going to satisfy the unmet consumer, industry or medical need?
  • Does the proposal include market data and an estimate as to what share of the market the innovation may realistically capture?

Innovation and Novelty

  • Is the proposed innovation novel?
  • Is there existing or the potential for intellectual property protection?
  • Does the innovation solve the unmet need differently (e.g., better, faster, cheaper) than the current state-of-the art?
  • Is the innovation a disruptive technology or an incremental improvement over the current state-of-the art?

Commercialization Potential

  • Will the proposed experiments result in near term commercialization opportunities through partnership, licensing or start-up formation? If not, will significant additional experimentation and/or expense be required to generate such opportunities?
  • Are there obvious potential licensees?
  • Is there already a commercial partnership in place or an expressed interest from a prospective partner?
  • Is there an existing UConn start-up based on this innovation?

Scientific Merit and Feasibility

  • Is the experimental design technically sound?
  • Does the investigator/team have appropriate expertise and facilities?
  • Can the proposed experiments be completed in one year?
  • Will the proposed experimental design provide enough data/results to further the commercial appeal of the innovation?