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SPARK Full Proposal Details

Elements to include in the Phase One application are included below. Please note that elements two through six cannot be more than five pages combined. Applications exceeding this limit will be returned.

  1. Cover Page: Title of the project, Principle Investigator with contact information, team members, and one-paragraph abstract
  2. Description of the innovation: Describe in more detail the product or technology idea.
  3. Background: Provide background on the problem or unmet need the innovation targets. Identify any currently available products/technologies, if applicable, and why they do not satisfy the problem or unmet need. Explain how the proposed innovation is different from or better than those that are already available.
  4. Preliminary evidence: Summarize any preliminary data available.
  5. Proposed experiments with project milestones: Outline the proposed experimental approaches with milestones and timelines.
  6. Intellectual property (IP): Describe your IP position, realized or planned, and the competitive IP landscape.
  7. Collaborators: Provide the names of other UConn and/or UConn Health investigators with whom you plan to collaborate, if any. Identify any industry partners you have already approached and their response to your outreach.
  8. Relevant publications: List up to six key publications written by you or others about the proposed product/technology.
  9. Budget: Provide a preliminary budget estimate and proposed use of funds using SPARK_Budget Template_2018. To give reviewers a complete picture of project feasibility, we also ask that any other sources of funding that may be used to further the aims of your SPARK project be identified and the uses of these funds described.

Full Proposals will only be accepted from applicants who have submitted an LOI and received an invitation to proceed with a proposal. Invited applicants should send their proposals as a single PDF to by 10/13/2017 at 5 PM