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Reporting Requirements

SPARK awardees agree to provide regular progress reports to the OVPR during and after the award period. Reports fall into two categories:

  1. Mid-project Milestone Update: at the midpoint of your SPARK award period (usually 6 months in), you will be asked to report on progress toward project milestones. Based on this report, the OVPR will determine whether sufficient progress has been made to release the second half of the SPARK funds.
  2. Annual Reports: Recognizing that investments made by the OVPR can often take some time to produce their full results, we will be asking that all recipients of OVPR Internal Funding, including SPARK, submit annual reports over the life of the project. This will allow us to better understand the impact of internal funding and make the case for it continuing / increasing. You will receive an email request at the start of the fiscal year following the completion of your award period. We’ll be interested in hearing about the results of your project, the significance of those results, and gathering statistics about graduate students supported, publications, external grants / patents received, other projects launched, etc. Other questions may also be included as needed. The OVPR may request updates annually for up to five years following the end of the award period to track the development of the project longitudinally.