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Scholarship Facilitation Fund Awards Spring 2016

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The Office of the Vice President for Research is pleased to announce the recipients of the Scholarship Facilitation Fund (SFF) Awards for Spring 2016. Award support totaling $48,705 will be provided to 33 faculty.

The SFF is designed to assist faculty in the initiation, completion, or advancement of research projects, scholarly activities, creative works, or interdisciplinary initiatives that are critical to advancing the faculty member’s scholarship and/or creative projects. Additional information about the program, including the guidelines and application form, for Fall 2016 is available on the OVPR website. The deadline for the Fall 2016 awards is July 1, 2016.

The Spring 2016 SFF awardees are:

Douglas Casa, Kinesiology, Exertional Heat Illness (EHI) Response, Recovery & Return

Rosa Chinchilla, Literatures, Cultures and Languages, Women, Nobility and Poets: Navigating in Early Modern Spanish Courts

Martha Cutter, English and Africana Studies, The Illustrated Slave: Antislavery Books, Empathy, and the Graphic Culture of the Transatlantic Abolition Movement, 1800-1852

Laurie Devaney, Kinesiology, Inclinometric Measurement of Dorsal Kyphosis: A Criterion Validity Study

Michael Fendrich, School of Social Work, From Mass Incarceration to Smart Decarceration:  Towards a Collaborative Research Agenda @UConn

Jeffrey Fisher, Center for Health, Intervention, & Prevention (CHIP), CHIP Lecture Series Spring Semester 2016

Anne Marie Garran, School of Social Work, STEM, Institutional Bias, and Retention of Women of Color in Higher Education

Yan Geng, Art and Art History/Asian and Asian American Studies, Space, Power, and Memory: China’s Socialist Art and Architecture in Transcultural Perspective

Kristen Govoni, Animal Science, Publication in BMC Genomics: Poor Maternal Nutrition During Gestation Alters the Expression of Genes Involved in Muscle Development and Metabolism in Lambs

Robin Greeley, Art and Art History, An Aesthetics of the Grotesque: Leonel Góngora, Nueva Presencia and Mexico’s Cold War Cultural Politics

Daniel Hershenzon, Literatures, Cultures and Languages, Captivity, Commerce, and Communication: Early Modern Spain and the Mediterranean

Ji-Young Lee, Nutritional Sciences, Regulation of Adipose Tissue Fibrosis by Astaxanthin

Jacqueline Loss, Literatures, Cultures and Languages, Finotype

Margo Machida, Art and Art History, Trans-Pacific Connections: Art, Asian America and Asian Australia

Stephanie Mazerolle, Kinesiology, Factors Influencing Women Athletic Trainers to Select Careers in Higher Education and Finding Academic Balance

Akiko Nishiyama, Physiology and Neurobiology, Investigating NG2 Glia-to-Neuron Communication by Inactivating Glial Exocytosis Machinery

Michael Orwicz, Art and Art History, Sabbatical Project: Frederic Edwin Church’s Humboldtian Vision: Landscape Painting and Modernity Along Colombia’s Magdalena River

Linda Pescatello, Kinesiology, Using the Immediate Blood Pressure Benefits of Exercise to Improve Exercise Adherence

Jeremy Pressman, Political Science, U.S. Senate Hearings, Gender, and Universities

Janet Pritchard, Art and Art History, More Than Scenery: Yellowstone, an American Love Story

Marcus Rossberg, Philosophy, UConn Logic Group: Logic Colloquium

Cathy Schlund-Vials, English, Redrawing the Historical Past: History, Memory, and Multi-Ethnic Graphic Narrative

Lyle Scruggs, Political Science, Political Economy Workshop, Spring 2016

Deborah Shelton, School of Nursing, Factors Contributing to Medication and Treatment Adherence among Adults in the Criminal Justice System

Scott Stephenson, Geography, Geography Colloquium Series

Luyi Sun, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, Publication in Nature Communications, a Premium Open-access Journal for Maximum Impact

Christine Sylvester, Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies, Bodies Living with Violence

Savas Tasoglu, School of Engineering, 3D Printing for Microfluidics

Rebecca Thomas, School of Social Work, Migration, Employment and Remittances to Armenia

Nathaniel Trumbull, Maritime Studies, The Maritime Connecticut Corridor: Interpreting our Blue Heritage, Economy, and Ecology

Paulo Verardi, Pathobiology and Veterinary Science, Safer Replication-Inducible Vaccinia Virus Vectors for Vaccines and Therapeutics

Susanne Wurmbrand, Linguistics, Restructuring Across the World

Guoan Zheng, Biomedical Engineering, Development of $100 High-Throughput Whole Slide Imaging Kit for Biomedical Applications

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