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2016 REP-Storrs Recipients

The Office of the Vice President for Research (OVPR) is very pleased to announce the recipients of the 2016 Research Excellence Program Storrs (REP-Storrs) awards. The primary goal of the REP is to provide seed funding to promote, support, and enhance the research, scholarship, and creative endeavors of faculty at UConn, including (but not limited to) the strategic and emerging areas delineated in the Academic Plan and national and global priorities.

The 2016 REP competition included 104 submitted proposals (58 single PI and 46 multi-PI) with $3.2M in requested funding. The two categories of support included:

(1) Fine Arts, Humanities, Business, Law, & Engagement (FAHBLE): 12 proposals

(2) Science, Technology, Engineering, Math, & Social Sciences (STEMS): 92 proposals

To ensure adequate peer review of all proposals, eight review panels were created based on the disciplinary areas* noted below.  Each peer review team consisted of a chair and co-chair to facilitate the review process.  Peer reviewers were selected according to the following criteria: disciplinary areas consistent with the proposal category, previous experience as a grant reviewer, successful grantspersonship, scholarly reputation, and whenever possible, expertise and specialization consistent with the proposal.

Each single PI proposal received three reviews and each multiple PI proposal received four reviews based on the guidelines, procedures, and evaluation criteria consistent with competitive extramural funding agencies (see the REP-Storrs site for evaluative guidelines). Our peer review panels consisted of more than 100 faculty reviewers.

In keeping with the REP funding priorities, the peer-review teams were then asked to identify proposals of high scholarly merit that create new opportunities for extramural funding and/or activities consistent with high achievement in the discipline.

Of the 104 proposals submitted, the OVPR is pleased to announce support for 33 awards for a total of approximately $1.1M in support:

  • Single PI Awards: 16 awards (16% funded); $351,346 awarded
  • Multi-PI Awards: 17 awards (17% funded); $708,474 awarded

*REP Review Panels
(1) Art, Creative Scholarship, Humanities, & Engagement: 4 awards; $58,788 awarded
(2) Biochemistry/Chemistry:  4 awards; $158,732 awarded
(3) Life Sciences: Biology/Genetics: 4 awards; $119,869 awarded
(4 ) Life Sciences: Microbiology/Neuroscience:  3 awards; $95,499 awarded
(5a) Engineering: 5 awards, $175,000 awarded
(5b) Physics/Mathematics: 5 awards; $174,999 awarded
(6) Social/Behavioral Sciences: Group A: 3 awards; $58,095 awarded
(7) Social/Behavioral Sciences: Group B: 3 awards; $119,122 awarded
(8) Other: 2 awards; $99,716 awarded

The 2016 REP awardees are:

Michele Baggio, PI, Economics
Alcohol, Munchies, and Risky Sexual Behavior: Unintended Effects of Medical Marijuana Laws

Jonathan Bobaljik, PI, Linguistics
Kyrgyz Comparative Grammatical Analysis – Phase I

Kelly Burke, PI, Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering
Engineering Biomaterial Interfaces for Inflammation Modulation

Jeffrey Burke, PI, Psychology
Marianne Barton, Co-PI, Psychology
The Development of an Irritability Treatment Module for Children

Baki Cetegen, PI, Mechanical Engineering
An Experimental Apparatus for Continuous Operation of a Rotating Detonation Engine

Sandra Chafouleas, PI, Educational Psychology
Michele Femc-Bagwell, Co-PI, Educational Leadership
Carol Polifroni, Co-PI, Nursing & Office of Public Engagement
Increasing Capacity for Partnerships Across Education and Health: Developing Guiding Blueprints for Implementation of Whole School, Whole Community, Whole Child Framework

Richard Christenson, PI, Civil & Environmental Engineering
Eleanor Shoreman-Ouimet, Co-PI, Anthropology
William Ouimet, Co-PI, Geography & Center for Integrative Geosciences
Creating New Opportunities for International Research in Disaster Science

Lindsay Distefano, PI, Kinesiology
Tania Huedo-Medina, Co-PI, Allied Health Sciences
Douglas J. Casa, Co-PI, Kinesiology
Rebecca L. Stearns, Co-PI, Kinesiology
Robert Huggins, Co-PI, Kinesiology
Comprehensive High School Sport Safety: A Personalized Approach for the Local Implementation of Best Practice Initiatives

Melanie Fewings, PI, Marine Sciences
James Edson, Co-PI, Marine Sciences
Craig Tobias, Co-PI, Marine Sciences
Diurnal and Tidal Variations in Heating, Wind Stress, and Carbon Fluxes from a Subtropical Marsh: Does Uptake of Carbon Dioxide by Marshes Depend on the Timing of Low Tide Relative to Local Noon?

Roslyn Fitch, PI, Psychology
Ted Rosenkrantz, MD, Co-PI, Pediatrics and Neonatology, UConn Health
Early Markers and Prediction of IDD-related Outcomes in a Neonatal HI Model

Adrian Garcia-Sierra, PI, Speech, Language, & Hearing Sciences
Nairan Ramirez-Esparza, Co-PI, Psychology
Erika Skoe, Co-PI, Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences
The Neural Benefits of Bilingualism:  Does the Amount and Quality of Language Input Matter?

Robin Grenier, PI, Educational Leadership
Clarissa Ceglio, Co-PI, Digital Media & Design Department
Joel Salisbury, Co-PI, Digital Media & Design Department
Museums and Civic Discourse: History, Current Practice and Future Prospects

Hans Dam Guerrero, PI, Marine Sciences
Evolution Across a Thermal Gradient: Local Adaptation, Plasticity and Gene Flow in a Pelagic Copepod

Kyle Hadden, PI, Pharmaceutical Sciences
Developing Small Molecule Probes for the Chromatin Remodeler ATRX

Gideon Hartman, PI, Anthropology
Margaret Rubega, Co-PI, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology
Where Have All the Birds Gone? Using Stable Isotopes to Solve the Mysterious Decline in Migratory Insectivorous Bird Populations

Kazunori Hoshino, PI, Biomedical Engineering
Dr. Guoan Zhang, Co-PI, Biomedical Engineering
Dr. Susan Tannenbaum, Co-PI, Neag Cancer Center, UConn Health
Development of High-Throughput Analytical Platform for Circulating Tumor Cell Detection

Seok-Woo Lee, PI, Materials Science & Engineering
Giant Pseudo-elasticity of High Temperature Superconductor CaFe2As2

Margo Machida, PI, Art & Art History
Trans-Pacific Connections: Art, Asian America and Asian Australia

Mu-Ping Nieh, PI, Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering
Sangamesh G. Kumbar, Co-PI, Orthopedic Surgery, UConn Health
Elena Dormidontova, Co-PI, Physics
Scalable One-Pot Theranostic Nanodiscs Formulations for Cancer Targeting

Mark Peczuh, PI, Chemistry
Dennis Wright, Co-PI, Pharmaceutical Sciences
Victoria Robinson, Co-PI, Molecular & Cell Biology
A Post-Glycosylation Diversification Strategy to Develop Inhibitors of Protein Synthesis

David Pierce, PI, Mechanical Engineering
George Lykotrafitis, Co-PI, Mechanical Engineering
Multiscale Mechanics of Cartilage to Understand Evolving Osteoarthritis

Janet Pritchard, PI, Art & Art History
More Than Scenery: Yellowstone, an American Love Story

Alexia Smith, PI, Anthropology
Examining the Modern and Ancient Morphological and Genetic Diversity of Grape in Armenia

Jianjun Sun, PI, Physiology & Neurobiology
Secretory Gland Formation and Function in Female Reproductive Tract

Stephen Swallow, PI, Agricultural & Resource Economics
Charles Towe, Co-PI, Agricultural & Resource Economics
Chris Elphick, Co-PI, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology
Timothy Vadas, Co-PI, Civil & Environmental Engineering
Pengfei Liu, Co-PI, Agricultural & Resource Economics
Ecosystem Services across Gradients of Human-Driven Degradation: An Interdisciplinary Pursuit Regarding Thresholds, Hysteresis, Restoration, and Economic Benefits

Savas Tasoglu, PI, Mechanical Engineering
Guoan Zheng, Co-PI, Biomedical Engineering
Mobile Low-Cost Device for Circulating Tumor Cell Detection

Beth Taylor, PI, Kinesiology
Linda S. Pescatello, Co-PI, Kinesiology
Rebecca M. Puhl, Co-PI, Rudd Center for Food Policy and Obesity, Human Development and Family Studies
Weight Stigma in Obese Women:  Assessing How an Acute Exposure to Stigma Negatively Impacts Cardiovascular Health

Timothy Vadas, PI, Civil & Environmental Engineering
Rosa Raudales, Plant Science and Landscape Architecture
Water Quality and Crop Concerns with Reclaimed Water for Greenhouse Agricultural

Paulo Verardi, PI, Pathobiology & Veterinary Science
Rapid Development and Testing of a Recombinant Vaccinia Virus Expressing the E Protein of Zika Virus as a Vaccine Against a Significant Emerging Infectious Disease

Lei Wang, PI, Electrical & Computer Engineering
Information-Theoretic Foundation of Cyber-Physical Systems

Eiling Yee, PI, Psychology
The Role of the Hippocampus in Understanding Abstract Concepts

Yuping Zhang, PI, Statistics
Dipak Dey, Co-PI, Statistics
Statistical Learning Methods for Massive Multivariate Data

Xinyu Zhao, PI, Mechanical Engineering
Direct Temperature Comparison Between Experiments and Computations through High-fidelity Radiation Modeling in Fire

Guoan Zheng, PI, Biomedical Engineering
Development and Commercialization of $100 Whole Slide Imaging (WSI) Add-on Kit for Gigapixel High-Throughput Microscopy



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