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Related University Policies

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Administrative Review and Approval of Proposals for External Support Office of the Vice President for Research, Sponsored Program Services 06/24/2015
Code of Conduct Office of the President 02/22/2011
Consulting Policy Office of the Provost 03/25/2015
Extra Compensation for Full-time Faculty in AAUP Human Resources & Office of the Provost 09/26/2006
Faculty Professional Responsibilities, Policy on Office of the Provost 03/29/2011
Financial Aid Code of Conduct Board of Trustees 01/22/2008
General Rules of Conduct Office of Faculty & Staff Labor Relations 01/02/2004
Guide to the State Code of Ethics Office of University Compliance 01/26/2014
Purchasing Users Manual Purchasing Office 01/20/2004
Use of Students in Outside Employment Office of University Compliance 07/14/2015