November 12, 2015

Dear Colleagues,

We are very pleased to announce that a new policy is now in place regarding the management and distribution of indirect cost (IDC) return from faculty grants and contracts received for non-research sponsored activities.

As many of you are aware, it has been the practice of the University to return a portion (30%) of the indirect cost return from faculty research grants and contracts to the PI/CoPI, Department Head, and Dean (10%/10%/10%) as a way of investing in the growth and success of the research enterprise. However, for many years the same practice has not been in place for non-research sponsored activities (i.e., instruction, evaluation, education, service, and outreach awards). These non-research sponsored activities are equally important to UConn’s mission and, like sponsored research, reflect the success of the faculty and enhance the reputation of the University. Although non-research sponsored activities have been charged for facilities and administration costs and managed by the Office of the Vice President for Research (OVPR), the IDCs generated from these awards and contracts have not come to the OVPR. Rather they have gone to the central budget of the University to support essential core activities with no return to the PI/CoPI, Department Head, or Dean, as is the case with sponsored research awards and contracts.

We have agreed on a new plan to transition these dollars into the OVPR in a manner that will allow us to initially provide a 10% IDC return from sponsored educational, service, and outreach activities. The Deans of each school/college will determine the distribution of these dollars. It is our goal, as non-research sponsored program activities increase, to ultimately provide a 30% return to the PI/CoPI, Department Heads, and Deans (10%/10%/10%), but unfortunately that cannot happen immediately.

This change in policy concerning non-research IDC distribution is effective as of July 1, 2015 (i.e. the start of FY16). Non-research IDC generated in FY16 will be distributed to accounts in the fall of 2016 (FY17) in a distribution specified by each Dean.

Please let us know if you have any questions.


Dr. Jeff Seemann
Vice President for Research
Scott Jordan Signature
Scott Jordan
Executive Vice President for
Administration and CFO