IBC Policies & Procedures

The IBC policies and procedures were developed to define the compliance requirements pertaining to research operations at the University of Connecticut. The document was designed to ensure that all research and instructional activities using biohazardous materials (e.g. r/sNA, viruses, bacteria, fungi, etc.) comply with the current editions of the NIH Guidelines for Research Involving Recombinant Synthetic Nucleic Acid Molecules (NIH Guidelines) and Biosafety in Microbiological and Biomedical Laboratories (BMBL). All Principal Investigators (PI) and laboratory personnel must adhere to the policies and procedures in the conduct of their research and the management of their laboratories. Click here for the IBC Policies & Procedures.

Laboratory Specific Biosafety Manual (LSBM)

The LSBM is an extension of the Biological Safety Manual providing detailed risk assessments of the biohazards associated in a PI’s lab. The LSBM is only required for BSL-2 labs with risk group 2 or above agents. Additional requirements can be found in the supportive document, Biohazardous Material Incident Management. LSBMs must be complete and available at the time of the PI’s 2016 biosafety inspection.


  • We have streamlined the process by providing a template that satisfies regulatory mandates, the NIH Guidelines and BMBL guidelines.
  • Incident Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for spills and exposures have been provided.
  • Biological agent risk assessments and SOPs, for some commonly used pathogens, will be supplied to assist PI’s with the new requirement. Check the IBC website for continuing updates and additional examples.
  • Faculty members with a similar binder, but who are missing required components may simply add those sections to their existing binders and store them in a central location in their labs.
  • All lab personnel are required to be trained on the contents of their PI’s LSBM.
  • The document will be a requirement for securing future IBC approvals.
  • Click here for the Laboratory Specific Biosafety Manual.

Questions on the IBC Policies & Procedures or LSBM? Contact Danielle Delage at (860) 486-1838.

Biological Safety Manual

The Biological Safety Manual was developed as the corresponding text to the Biosafety General training, and is the reference material to build laboratory specific biosafety programs and the LSBM. This resource is a collection of the materials and information presented during biosafety trainings and audits.


  • We have made it easier for you to find the Biosafety information you need by assembling it in one document with links to the BMBL guidelines and other regulatory agency standards.
  • The document is searchable, and the table of contents uses links to allow quick access to the specific information you need.
  • Click here for the Biological Safety Manual.

Questions on the Biological Safety Manual? Contact David Cavallaro at (860) 486-3613.