(Program does not apply to UConn Health)

Dear Faculty,

In response to the significant increase in sponsored project fringe benefit rates, the Office of the Vice President for Research (OVPR) has developed a program to provide support to some projects impacted by the new rates.  As the funding available for this program is  limited, the OVPR expects that only a small percentage of impacted projects (those that are most significantly affected) will receive support and that the support provided will not completely fund the additional cost of the new fringe benefit rates.  Additionally, support will only be provided for FY16.  An application and review process has been developed to ensure all requests for support receive a fair and consistent review.


Projects will be considered for assistance that have a financial impact to the award that is at least $1,000 and 10% of the total direct cost expenditures planned for FY16.  Additionally the project must meet the following criteria:

  • Project is identified as research.
  • The project end date is September 30, 2015 or later.
  • The project proposal submission date was May 1, 2015 or earlier.


Requests for support must include the following:

  • Identification of the PI, KFS number and total support requested.
  • Budget Calculator:  A fringe benefit calculator has been created to assist with estimating the financial impact of the increase in fringe rates to individual projects.  The calculator is located here on the OVPR website.  Download and complete the fringe benefit calculator by entering in the expected FY16 personnel costs and the total direct costs available to the project in FY16.  Be sure to save the worksheet to your local drive and send along with your request.  Significant changes to personnel categories from the current budget on file with Sponsored Program Services (SPS) should be explained in the Justification for Request.
  • Justification for Request:  Briefly explain in no more than two paragraphs the significant impact of the increase in fringe rates to the project.  As only a limited number of projects will receive support, the request should include an explanation of why the project budget cannot be rebudgeted to cover the increase cost, how the aims or deliverables for the project cannot be met, and how the project will be impacted if no supplemental support is awarded.

Submission Deadlines

For projects funded prior to July 5, 2015, requests for support must be submitted by August 15, 2015.  For other projects that are newly funded during FY16, requests must be submitted within sixty days of receipt of the grant or contract.  Only requests for assistance received by these dates will be considered for support.

Please send requests by email to Marie Meister (marie.meister@uconn.edu) in the OVPR.


Review and Notification

The OVPR will review all requests submitted according to the above timelines and will apply the following criteria when deciding what projects to support and will distribute the limited funds available accordingly:

  • Impact to the project as described in the Justification for Request (only significantly impacted and well justified requests will be considered).
  • Financial impact to the FY16 project budget.

The PI of currently funded projects will be notified of a decision by September 15, 2015.   For projects awarded after July 5, 2015, OVPR will generally make a determination within 60 days of receiving a request.

Link to calculator:  DOWNLOAD CALCULATOR

For assistance and additional questions, contact Marie Meister (marie.meister@uconn.edu) in the OVPR.


Jeff Seemann

Vice President for Research