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Review Criteria

  1. Significance/Clinical Impact (20%)
  2. If successfully completed, indicate whether the research outcome would:

    • Address a significant unmet clinical need
    • Improve upon current standard of care
    • Have a clear clinical development strategy
  3. Novelty of idea/approach (20%)
  4. The clinical product would most likely be characterized as:

    • A novel target or pathway
    • A novel therapeutic agent
    • An innovative approach to treating a rare disease
  5. Intellectual Property (15%)
  6. What is the status of Intellectual Property (IP) for this proposal?

    • Patents already exist (issued patent)
    • Patents have been filed (patent application)
    • Invention disclosures submitted
    • No IP activity yet
    • Not very likely patentable
      • If not patentable, is other proprietary protection possible?
  7. Feasibility (20%)
    • Is science based on solid principles?
    • Is the research plan feasible?
    • Is research plan/budget appropriate?
  8. Commercial potential (20%)
    • Does the proposed research envision a commercial product?
    • What is the expected timeframe for the product to reach the market (in years)?
  9. Mission impact/Intangibles (5%)
    • Does the proposed project have a positive outcome on the discovery or development of an innovative therapeutic for a rare disease?


If you have questions about this process, please contact Dr. Matt Mroz at or 860-486-6378


The Alexion-UConn Rare Disease Innovation Fund will be administered through Internal Funding Programs and Technology Commercialization Services within the Office of the Vice President for Research.